Unlimited Github private repos for free

Free - Unlimited private repos

Have you ever thought of using unlimited private repositories for free? I'm going to brief simple steps on "How to create and manage Private repositories by syncing to Google Drive?" in this post.

  • Step 1: Download and install "Backup and sync files with google drive".
  • Step 2: Once Step 1 is completed , you will be able to see "Google Drive" folder.
  • Step 3: Open "cmd" to this path and see if git is installed.
  • Step 4: Type the command "git init --bare" to install git in "Google drive" folder.
  • Step 5: Add repository using any git apps like "source tree" etc.,
  • Step 6: Now open "Google Drive" Folder, you can able to see few initiation files like below.

Project Information

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    Dr.Mounic Madiraju

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    $0 - Free

  • Limitaion

    GDrive Capacity

Backup and sync files

Download and Install

Download and Install"Backup and sync files with google drive". Once it is installed, you would be able to see the Gdrive folder in your machine.


Check and Install Git

Open CMD and check if hitis already installed, If not run the command "git init --bare". You will see git getting installed.

check and install git
push pull requests in repo

Add repository

Add repositories using source tree, Now open Google Drive folder , you will be able to see all libraries needed for git installed. You can now do pull requests and perform git operations.