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Why Search Engine Optimisation

  • Increased Traffic
  • ROI
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Increased site usability
  • Brand Awareness

Increased Traffic

Ranking top positions in search engines results in better clicks and user engagements. Top Rankings will give an increased traffic to site. Indexation of new pages and pings search engines on content changes. Indexation is key as it is getting know by search engines. Keeping up to date with content changes is effective approach.


Track and measure the traffic through SEO. SO it is always best to calculate ROI on SEO. Expose your key content based on demand & drive business with better CTR. Better exposure of content to search engines and users are always helpful to get ranked better.

Cost effectiveness

The most effective and long term marketing strategy is SEO. Lot of cost savings in long run by SEO strategy.Improve your Pages performance with better rankings and boostup revenue. Having right context of content always boost page to rank higher in search engines.

Increased site usability

Rank for all semantically mapped and similar keywords with our solution. Get ranked for broader variety keywords. Rank higher for user searched queries. The better the site ranks, means the better users click, engage and navigate on website.

Brand Awareness

As the results appear in top of search engine results, meaning it will give more impressions to users by gettign visible in organic results. This saves a tons of money you spend on marketing. Branding on a long term is complete less cost with SEO strategy.


"Neural SEO Network" features

First of its kind. We made AI driven internal linking possible and this solution helps the pages connect together and rank better in Organics. Applying our Neural SEO Network gives you complete control over your internal linking which significantly improves your indexation, keyword rankings and performance of pages, drives business.

Unique & Patented

Our Technology is well researched, architectured, built and patented.

Improve Ranking

Our Technology and Platform will improve your Keywords to rank better in Organics.

Easy Integration

Integration of our service is as fast as a blink of an eye.

Fully Secured

Our platform and services are fully secured, leveraging the best firewall systems.

AI & Data Science

Our Algorithms, Models understands and learn from search behaviour favouring Search engines as well as Users.

Guaranteed Support

We will just be like an extension of your team. We provide 24*7 support both onsite and offsite.


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Exclusive Dashboard to Monitor and Track SEO Metrics

Monitor & track SEO performance, Onpage, Ofpage, Rankings, Website health with access to our Dashboard

  • Dashboard Login

    Manage access to your team, Dashboard is responsive in all devices.

  • SEO Metrics

    A complete tracking and monitoring your Organic presence.

  • Website Health

    Monitoring website health, off page SEO metrics and notifies errors.

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Improve your organic Visibility with easy integration

We customise our service integrations based on your platform.

Know your Website linking with a detailed Knowledge graph.

Our Solution is Patented and Proprietary.

  • Use our AI & Data Science algorithms for Insights.
  • Your business deserves best internal linking software.
  • We are here to solve your internal linking problem.
  • Use our platform to track & monitor your sites' performace and success.
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Our Technology

Algorithms & Models we leverage and Enterprise architecture are built for Data Models. Our Models are seamless, fast and easy integrations

  • Machine Learning Algorithms (Linear & Logistic Regression etc)
  • Neural Algorithms (CNN, RNN)
  • NLP Frameworks (Word2Vec, BERT etc)
  • Object Detections (YOLO, YOLOV3 etc)
  • Frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras etc)
  • Cloud Frameworks (Google AI, IBM Watson etc)
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How It Works

Crawl & Analyse

Website is crawled and each page is anlaysed to know the page context and page value.

Evaluate & Rank

Analysed page were now ranked and linked based on semantic mapping and relations.

Launch Linking

The linking will now be launched out via API / JOSN / DB based on client preference.


Advantages of Neural SEO Network

Boost your growth potential with our AI driven, Automated internal linking solution.


Data as services is a tech-model which provides data access to users on-demand irrespective of their geographical location with the help of cloud networking. It involves storage, sharing, processing and assimilation of data, services and resources via. clouding. The principle of clouding is relying on shared data & resources on the internet rather than having them on our local servers or personal devices with the help of the network. Generally, DAAS provider(vendor) provides end-user with this facility. The end-users may be from a start-up based company or small/ medium size business organisation.

The concept of Data as services model has grown exponentially in recent years and is continuing on the same path. The major factor behind its fast growth and acceptance by users for their firm is because of the edge it possesses over the existing models on application hosting and basic data storage. Indeed, DAAS utilizes clouding principles and hence is easily able to manage bulky data and services to cater and fulfil user requirements of ease, versatility &speed.

Data as services is often referred with SAAS. They both have similarities but that doesn’t mean DAAS is exactly a prototype of SAAS. Software as a service offers readily usable and unique solutions to meet a variety of business needs by website and mails via networking. Users across the field are already familiar with SAAS and have gained popularity over the years. While, Data as a service manage, store, share & process the data, provides to the user via cloud networking. Some other factors like the decline in cost of bandwidth and increased use of clouding services to store (eliminating the cost of extra storing devices) supplements to the networking junction for providing high speed, large scale management and rectification have altogether made DAAS overpower the SAAS.

Data as services works with a combination of two features, by providing storage platform with data services performing programming works for retrieval of data with the help of virtualization of data and other beings, by locating diversely stored data and provides the user with simple tools to use and perform operations.

Data as services provides the organisation with two main scopes Business and Technology. It can help to overcome business conditions by Information-rich external data assets, coping up with data silos and use of prebuilt and packaged analytics. Organisations need to apply DAAS to support their business via data assets. A firm can possibly be a customer/consumer as well as the provider. Data asset includes weather reports, experimental data, etc.

The Data as services providers present price model to end-user into two categories:

Volume-based model: It is further divided into a quantity-based model and pays per call services.

Data Type Based Models: on type of data/ resources they provide and user want in accordance with their geographical conditions.

Advantages of Data as a Service (daas) ?

Cost-Effective: Optimized cost can be obtained with the help of DAAS for performing data management and other functioning’s.

Adaptability: Data as services is much more flexible and adaptable than other options and models available, as data can be assigned to clouds and in turn to end-users easily.

Fixing Time: One can start working, processing, sharing and others operate other functions instantaneously using DAAS model. Thus, is time-saving.

Automatic Upkeeping: The resources and services that DAAS offers are preprogrammed for management and maintenance. The maintenance and upkeep are automated ensuring no or minimal work from the end-user side. Also, the need for employing specialized staff to work in an organization for maintenance purpose is eliminated. The providers of DAAS manage themselves all the things for their customers and rest is done because of preprogrammed tools. They work as an extended part of the team of their customers.

Flexibility: It standardizes the data & sets based on different parameters. Thus, stores and delivers them uniquely in accordance with their requirements and feasibility.

More about Data as a Service (daas) ?

Data as a service model needs to curb the challenges it is facing now and bring to its already existing model-new features from time to time. Till it keeps doing this it will continue to grow and prosper. The increasing acceptance and rising comfort that clouding data network possesses are acting as a pathway for it to satisfy the needs of organizations. DAAS is a tailor-made model, i.e. individual firms can have alteration according to their needs.

Soon it will be able to enlarge its scope from medium scale business to large scale business too because it provides the user with all the things they aspire for. Experts predict that as a greater number of companies will understand the importance of data management and data assets, they will ask for data services to compete with firms and this will lead to the growth of DAAS in future.

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