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Our Solutions

  • Fintech
  • Health care
  • Manufacture Industry
  • Retail Industry
  • Image Processing


Our top class fintech AI/ML & Deep Learning models helps in wide range of financial sectors. Few solutions are, KYC automation using Facial Recognition with liveness, OCR data extraction from ID cards for Loan processing units and many more.

Health care

Our Health care solutions include Hospital bills prediction, types of diseases classification based on records. Natural Language Processing (NLP) to book doctor’s appointments and administrative tasks. Models by using anomaly detection algorithms to predict heart attacks, strokes, sepsis and other serious complications to predict.

Manufacture Industry

Our best in class solutions in Oil & gas and energy fields industries enables with IoT solutions reads periodic data from machineries through IoT devices & sensors and provides intelligence analytical insights. Using customized deep learning models to helps these sectors to brings predictive and preventive maintenance solutions.

Retail Industry

Our sustainable and best end-to-end solution to help retails stores, restaurants to get insights about returning customers through Image analytics, facial recognitions, sentimental analysis features. Our solutions to build ML, deep learning based recommendation engines which helps retails customers to get recommended products, food menus.

Image Processing

We are expertise in providing various solutions for image processing, object detections and recognitions, image classifications features implementations using machine learning and deep learning algorithms. Algorithms such as Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) with various architectures such as Google Inception, VGG16, VGG19, AlexNet, ResNet and Logistic Regression, Support Vector Machine (SVM) algorithms. Object detections algorithms such Yolo, Yolov3, Fast & Faster R-CNN.


"Neural SEO Network" features

First of its kind. We made AI driven internal linking possible and this solution helps the pages connect together and rank better in Organics. Applying our Neural SEO Network gives you complete control over your internal linking which significantly improves your indexation, keyword rankings and performance of pages, drives business.

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Our Technology is well researched, architectured, built and patented.

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Our Technology and Platform will improve your Keywords to rank better in Organics.

Easy Integration

Integration of our service is as fast as a blink of an eye.

Fully Secured

Our platform and services are fully secured, leveraging the best firewall systems.

AI & Data Science

Our Algorithms, Models understands and learn from search behaviour favouring Search engines as well as Users.

Guaranteed Support

We will just be like an extension of your team. We provide 24*7 support both onsite and offsite.


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    A complete tracking and monitoring your Organic presence.

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Improve your organic Visibility with easy integration

We customise our service integrations based on your platform.

Know your Website linking with a detailed Knowledge graph.

Our Solution is Patented and Proprietary.

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Our Technology

Algorithms & Models we leverage and Enterprise architecture are built for Data Models. Our Models are seamless, fast and easy integrations

  • Machine Learning Algorithms (Linear & Logistic Regression etc)
  • Neural Algorithms (CNN, RNN)
  • NLP Frameworks (Word2Vec, BERT etc)
  • Object Detections (YOLO, YOLOV3 etc)
  • Frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras etc)
  • Cloud Frameworks (Google AI, IBM Watson etc)
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How It Works

Crawl & Analyse

Website is crawled and each page is anlaysed to know the page context and page value.

Evaluate & Rank

Analysed page were now ranked and linked based on semantic mapping and relations.

Launch Linking

The linking will now be launched out via API / JOSN / DB based on client preference.


Advantages of Neural SEO Network

Boost your growth potential with our AI driven, Automated internal linking solution.

Data Services

In the digitalized world, the generation of data is growing at the high rate. Big data and data analytics also plays an important role in making businesses smarter and more efficient.

Whether it is a new start-up or the already established company, every businessman faces challenges in managing the huge data and looking for the solution to handle the data accurately. So they prefer to hire expert data science consulting and business analytics solutions partners.

Data-as-a-service (Daas) as a service means the data management strategy that helps organizations to store and manage data through the cloud so that they can easily engage with their customers.

Dataasservices have the in-depth understanding of Big data, data analytics, and data as service companies that help you provide meaningful insights from the disparate data sources. Our company name has even “Data,” which makes us the right partner for your data as a service. What we do is that we offer customized data services solutions, which include data analysis, database management, preparation of prediction models for large and small enterprises.

Our team has worked in the data service profile in various domains, including the retail sector, healthcare, telecommunications, banking, E-commerce, and many more. Due to our vast experience in major sectors, we have the expertise and quickness to connect with the businesses to provide the data implementation solutions, roadmap, and execution plans.

From the last 5+ years, dataasservices have been rendering a wide range of unique data services to assist companies in achieving maximum value out of their big data through our data big data analytics as a service.

Our team is always here to guide and help you at any step in your journey, whether you are looking for predictive analytics, data visualization as a service, data quality, big data as a service, data lake as a service, or the natural language processing capabilities.

Our core specialization

Considering the vital role of data service and analytics at the early stage of the digital strategy can help you deal with the unprecedented uncertainty. At, Dataasservices, we offer you all core data science as a service:

Data warehouse as a service

Data warehouse as a service, basically a data storage system that is designed to transform data into actionable insights for the businesses. At Dataasservices, we offer you a hustle-free and flexible data storage that can be integrated with the existing data sources for analytics purposes. You must go for the DWAS services if you are not able to check the company-wide insights because of the disparate data.

Big data development services

Let us first understand what is big data as a service (BDaas)? Big data usually means the unstructured data and big data as a service are the delivery of the analysis information by the data service providers to enable the organizations to understand the large information sets to gain a competitive advantage.

It is the large datasets that are difficult to analyze by using traditional tools. For large organizations, it is not possible to analyze the huge data. To overcome this problem, we provide the bid data development services in which our partners analyze the big databases and deliver the insights to make critical decisions related to the businesses. It includes big data visualization, grouping of big data, DevOps support, etc.

Big Data Analytics Strategy

We are one of the leading big data service providers that provide big data analytics strategy services with the appropriate technology tools and processes. Our expert team enables organizations to establish well-defined data as a service architecture that enhances the greater efficiency in day-to-day operations.

Big data integration services

big data as a service company helps in big data integration services. It includes incorporating multiple data sources like social media integration, mailing lists, and so one to get the full insights of the analyzed data.

Big Data Infrastructure set-up services

We provide advices to the customers with the most appropriate big data infrastructure set-up along with the support. With our well-architected and scalable infrastructure solutions, we make sure that our client’s information is always stored securely and in the right place. The right time availability of data is the key to success for increasing profitability and improved customer experience. We also offer the data center as a service(DCaaS), where we provide the data center infrastructure and facilities to the clients.

Data platforms Optimization Services

Many organizations are now started to rely on the various data science platforms, but they lack to optimize the data platforms Dataasservices big data solutions team assists in optimizing various data plaaasatforms including Hadoop, Oracle, Microsoft SQL servers and Data Platform as a Service (DPaaS). DPaaS delivers a new and unified approach for data integration and management.

It also includes big data platform as a service (BDaas) that relies upon cloud storage for all time data access by the organizations.

Big data support

Our Big data consultancy also includes the big data support services that include activities such as updating software, handling permissions, new users updation as well as data administration. Additionally, we also provide data cleaning, backup, and recovery. You can take the benefit of regular health check services of your data to ensure that it is secure and performing efficiently. With our regular monitoring, we can detect the problems at the alarming stage with pro-active actions and troubleshoot them as quickly as possible.

Big data improvement services

Already taking big data services from some other company? No problem, if you are not satisfied, you can approach us for the big data improvement services to create an individual specific improvement roadmap. We will solve all your existing problems and design the new strategy to provide you the maximum results that give the extra insights. Data as a service provider ensures data quality.

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