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About Neural SEO Network

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Real world Problem

What in the world is daas? it is data as a service, similar to software as a service but with data being the service. In these times of growing emphasis and absolute need to compete in online businesses, the aim to garner viewership onto a webpage is extremely important for a product to fare well in today’s competitive market. For a web page to get picked up and displayed as one of the top results on the search engine, several factors are taken into consideration in the background.

About Neural SEO

Neural SEO Network internal linking is a unique technology, proprietary to us and not available from any other competitors in the market. In most sites, all internal linking is done manually or with plugins leaving with no control to prioritise which categories of pages to signal to Google. This internal linking is designed to help users to navigate to most relevant pages or conversion pages, which resulting as positive sign to google to understand the link equity and we have complete control with dilution of link juice.

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analyse and evaluate
Analyse and Evaluate

For any webpage to be pushed up as one of the top results on a search engine, the brand visibility plays a major role. The accuracy of the content on a webpage as well as the supporting information needs to be highlighted on the searches for it to get put out on the search engine’s results. All of these require an enormous amount of time in creating several web pages which indeed costs a lot.

Connect with development.

For an online business, which caters several products to its users, ending up on the top of search results is a necessity. Although the business owns several products, all of those product web pages may not have the same ranking on a search engine. Some webpages might have higher search engine rankings pushing them up to the top on the results page, thereby gaining more click through rate. The click through rate of a webpage is directly proportional to the conversion rate of buying the product on a particular webpage. The more the number of clicks on a webpage, the higher the visibility and likewise the profitability from it.

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Start to see results

The patented Data Science Algorithm from Neural SEO network enhances ranking of a webpage to push it out to the top of search engine’s results. The patented algorithm performs extensive analysis on a webpage’s data and generates internal Links. These internal links when embedded onto the webpage, improves the internal ranking of the page on a search engine’s website ranking list. This makes the page’s rank to go up while searching brings more visibility. The internally generated links from the patented data science Algorithm improve the webpage’s ranking in a search engine without having the need to spend money and time on exclusively creating several hundreds / thousands of webpages to get visibility on the search engine’s results.


"Neural SEO Network" features

First of its kind. We made AI driven internal linking possible and this solution helps the pages connect together and rank better in Organics. Applying our Neural SEO Network gives you complete control over your internal linking which significantly improves your indexation, keyword rankings and performance of pages, drives business.

Unique & Patented

Our Technology is well researched, architectured, built and patented.

Improve Ranking

Our Technology and Platform will improve your Keywords to rank better in Organics.

Easy Integration

Integration of our service is as fast as a blink of an eye.

Fully Secured

Our platform and services are fully secured, leveraging the best firewall systems.

AI & Data Science

Our Algorithms, Models understands and learn from search behaviour favouring Search engines as well as Users.

Guaranteed Support

We will just be like an extension of your team. We provide 24*7 support both onsite and offsite.


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Exclusive Dashboard to Monitor and Track SEO Metrics

Monitor & track SEO performance, Onpage, Ofpage, Rankings, Website health with access to our Dashboard

  • Dashboard Login

    Manage access to your team, Dashboard is responsive in all devices.

  • SEO Metrics

    A complete tracking and monitoring your Organic presence.

  • Website Health

    Monitoring website health, off page SEO metrics and notifies errors.

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Improve your organic Visibility with easy integration

We customise our service integrations based on your platform.

Know your Website linking with a detailed Knowledge graph.

Our Solution is Patented and Proprietary.

  • Use our AI & Data Science algorithms for Insights.
  • Your business deserves best internal linking software.
  • We are here to solve your internal linking problem.
  • Use our platform to track & monitor your sites' performace and success.
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our technology

Our Technology

Algorithms & Models we leverage and Enterprise architecture are built for Data Models. Our Models are seamless, fast and easy integrations

  • Machine Learning Algorithms (Linear & Logistic Regression etc)
  • Neural Algorithms (CNN, RNN)
  • NLP Frameworks (Word2Vec, BERT etc)
  • Object Detections (YOLO, YOLOV3 etc)
  • Frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras etc)
  • Cloud Frameworks (Google AI, IBM Watson etc)
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How It Works

Crawl & Analyse

Website is crawled and each page is anlaysed to know the page context and page value.

Evaluate & Rank

Analysed page were now ranked and linked based on semantic mapping and relations.

Launch Linking

The linking will now be launched out via API / JOSN / DB based on client preference.


Benefits with Neural SEO Network

Boost your growth potential with our AI driven, Automated internal linking solution.

Start growing your business.

We innovate and deliver excellent results with our Neural SEO Network software.

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