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Our Services

We will do best specialists with proven results who will boost your business to next level.

Technical SEO

We will take care of your technical SEO difficulties and ensure speed of website.


We design logos, website and app mockups with multiple variants and MVP prodcuts.

Web Development

We build web, mobile and desktop apps in all scales, SME clients.

SEO Serivices

We follow Google guidelines and support your SEO with best organic presence and increased ROI.

Digital Marketing

We will support with Marketing campaigns, Social Advs, Affliate marketing.

Branding and PR

We will help you with Press releases and public relations and acquiring wide range of audience.

 Branding and Publicity

Branding and Publicity

A brand name further projects the popularity of the company’s website and it’s viewership. The more a brand’s visibility, the more the website attracts traffic. Having good marketing strategies will boost the brand name and give the company additional exposure to increased audience. Creating more publicity does not necessarily mean more revenue. Targeting the right set of users by understanding the pulse of the users is the key strategy.

Who do we service

Who do we service?

Our SEO services provide support to startups, small scale, medium scale as well as enterprise companies. Currently our services are being provided to several enterprises across various industries including medical, aviation, e-commerce, job portals, product based companies.

Why should you choose us

Why should you choose us?

Although having SEO services will greatly improve the revenue of your company, the key is choosing the right SEO services agency. All the SEO agencies provide some sort of suggestions that may or may not help the websites to the extended degree. We work by integrating into your team thereby enhancing the team’s overall understanding of the SEO services instead of us working standalone. This will indeed allow your team to work closely with us giving the chance to make improvements and suggestions along the way instead of managing all the changes at the end.

More about our Service

It is essential for any website to let the search engine(SE) know about the website’s purpose and its intended users. The more a search engine’s understanding of your website, the more efficient it will be to decide which searches of the users will need the website to be pulled onto the search engine results page(SERP).

We are proud to say that we provide the best SEO services with our industry experts with guaranteed efficiency. Our experienced global SEO specialists will not only provide suggestions, but also work on their implementations which will drive the end results by leaps and bounds.

We analyse your company’s website with our patented data science AI algorithm and identify various factors that need changes or improvements. We also compare your website by running an analysis of your competitor's site to get a holistic idea of what needs to be considered to further appeal to the users. This detailed analysis will also help improve the website’s ranking on the search engine.

We provide suggestions which are in compliance with the search engine’s best practices which will increase the search engine’s understanding of your website. Implementing our suggestions will help improve the page’s speed, page performance, viewership, conversion rate thereby directly improving the revenue of your site.We help set the Key performance indicators(KPIs) to see that your return on investment(ROI) is to the maximum potential. We strive hard in helping you improve your website’s performance as this is an indicator of our success as well.

Like two sides of a coin, there are two sides to SEO services as well. One is from the search engine’s perspective and the other is from the users perspective. Both the sides need to be taken into consideration and while making improvements to the website to achieve the perfect balance and expected results. Our SEO services look at improving a site’s performance by taking into account search engine’s views as well as what the users look for and what attracts their attention.

Technical SEO is quite an important part of SEO. Although content plays a magnificent role when it comes to luring the visitors onto the website, page structure and architecture of the page play quite an major role too. To get the page up on the search rankings it's important to let the search engine agents to get a good understanding of the website by maintaining a good architecture on the page. This will lead to increased page speed and performance.

Unused CSS, unused javascripts need to be removed as they have a negative impact on page performance. If same CSS and/or javascripts are used redundantly across different pages of the site, rather than declaring them inline, it is more beneficial to declare them globally. Try to pull assets like images,header, footer, videos, GIFs etc., through CDN. Always get the best hosting to make sure your server responds very fast.

The reason for placing importance on technical SEO for a website is, there might be redundant content on multiple websites. But a website with a good technical architecture will have a higher chance of getting pulled on the SERP. The faster the page loads, the better it is ranked by the search engines. H1 should always be the first element that is identified by the search engine’s bot(agents). Server security should be placed on top of the list to improve the credibility of the website by using available security services.

Follow and practice search engines best practices to make sure to get a good understanding of the search engine like looking through metadata, metainformation, open graph protocols, canonicals, title tags, header tags, etc

All the URLs on the website will be pulled onto sitemap.xml and will be passed onto the search engine through search console which will make it easier for the search engine agents to look through the page and facilitates better indexation. While writing up page URLs always use hyphens instead of underscores as hyphens are OR operators and underscores are considered as AND operators.

As a SEO agency and Neural SEO Network service provider, Dataasservices takes care of end to end SEO services which include content services, technical SEO services, branding services, public relation services, internal linking services, market research and competitor analysis.