Search Engine Optimisation Ranking Factors

Content as Ranking factor

All pages to have valuable and properly written quality content. Good research has to be done on proper usage on what keywords to be used on the page. Always have target keywords on the page. Create fresh content once in a while, keeping the pages upto date. Have content that answers the queries in the search engine. Have a detailed explanation of content, that will help to improve user engagement on pages. The common saying about content is "Content is King". Having Unique and fresh content always a key factor for search engines rankings.

Website Architecture as Ranking factor

Design urls to have keywords in the urls. Pages to be mobile responsive and accessible via mobile devices. Pages to be crawlable by search engines, usage of canonicals and redirects are good signals. Serve pages over HTTPS to signal both users and search engines as a secured source. Make your page respond and load faster, as many users won't wait for too long to view page. Leverage great SEO value with javascript frameworks like React, Angular. Keep your pages no more than 3 levels depth, as the more the number of levels, the more will be SEO value dilution.

HTML code as Ranking factor

Build keywords into title, have meta descriptions which describes about the pages. Usage of structured data makes it easy for search engines to understand better about the pages. Leverage Google's Accelerated Mobile Page which helps the page load super fast over mobile devices. Always compress your images, videos so that the assests load faster and serves user with a good impression. Keeping users waiting also decreases the user engagement and increases bounce rate. Remove unused executable scripts in the page. Analyse and fix render blocking scripts.

Trust as Ranking factor

Having high Authority is always a top ranking signals to search engines. More social shares and brand awareness. Site reputation is key. Get featured on top websites which significantly improves reputaion and awareness of site. The more the users engage with website , the better the ranking improves. Ensure your website engagement improves with quality content on pages. Make your pages server users intent, which binds them to stay longer on page improving time on site.

Links as Ranking factor

Proper Anchors to be used with better internal linking. Quality backlinks from top recognised websites improves SEO. Value of the website increases with the increase in number of quality backlinks. Get backlinks or featured from related websites with more context about your website. Get your links over popular blogs or articles with similar page intent.

Users as Ranking factor

User Intent of search meets the page content, is a good signal for ranking uplift. User experience is also a key factor as it is directly proportional to user engagement. Know the user's previous searches and build content based on their intent of search to attract quality users. Users are now preferring voice searches, images searches too. Good to have infographics, voice searches enabled on site.