Latest news about Neural SEO Network and Data As Services

Internal Linking

Internal linking : Standard vs Neural Network

The primary usage of internal linking is to navigate between the pages. Search engine’s user agents(bots) use internal linking to know more about the website structure and also to study which category the pages fall into. From a user’s point of view internal linking serves the purpose of helping with better navigation within a website.

Link Juice

What is SEO and Link Juice ?

SEO literally means Search Engine Optimization. It deals with qualitative and quantitative improvement of content, traffic, popularity of the site. There are two points of views for SEO : one if from the perspective of users and other is from search engines. User’s side of SEO is all about understanding users' views about what they are looking for,the type of keywords that are used while searching, the pages that grab their attention.

Deep Learning for SEO

SEO with Neural Networks and Deep learning

Deep learning is a type of machine learning and Neural Network is a form of Deep Learning.Deep Learning is a subdivision of artificial intelligence. Supervised learning is used by few neural sets– which means that all machine learning takes place with the data that is fed into, Unsupervised learning is used by others, which uses the data divided into groups or categories and others use reinforcement learning