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Page Speed Insights

We follow best practices while building websites and also use best technology frameworks that guarantee a very high page speed metrics. Page speed is a very important metric that affects a website as it is directly proportional to profitability and popularity of the website. From a general user's point of view while looking at a website, the more time it needs to load a website, the more impatient the user starts to get thereby starts looking for a different website that can fulfill the users requests at a faster speed. As it is human behavior to lean more towards getting results at a faster pace, the speed of a website is an extremely important deciding factor in retaining existing users and to attract new users.

Dataasservices uses several metrics that will impact the page speed in a positive way. The below are these metrics:

First contentful paint, Speed index, Time to interactive, First meaningful paint, First CPU idle, Max potential first input delay

First contentful paint(FCP)

First contentful paint is a performance metric that gauges the time the first point on a page loads from the time the user navigates to the page. This is a direct measure of page speed which appears as one of the metrics on the performance section of the lighthouse report of google search engine.

FCP is measured by comparing the time it took to load the first content onto the page from navigation with the time it took for other real time websites based on data from HTTP archives. The FCP time correlates to FCP score a website receives. The lower the time it takes for a website to load , the higher the FCP score of a website. Font load time is a critical characteristic which impacts the overall FCP time of the website. Attention should be paid to make sure that page font is loading in the expected way.

To check a page’s FCP time, google’s performance metrics page can be checked. This will provide insights into how to view FCP data programmatically and make changes to the website to cross check it on the google’s performance page. Also lighthouse report from google will provide inputs on what changes can further improve a website’s performance speed.