Grab Your Best Duty Free Snack of All Time

Best Duty free Snacks of all time

Everyone loves snacking. It is one of the effective ways to fit extra nutrients into your diet and prevent overeating at mealtime by decreasing your hunger. Snacking during the day also can help you reduce stress and boost energy in daily life. Choosing healthy snacks can be a challenge. You must choose the healthy options as your snacks as snacking provides this much of the day's calories. Avoid taking snacks that contain a lot of sugars. There are a variety of healthy snacks in OURSHOP including nut snacks, fruit snacks, and seaweed snacks. Make the right choice for a healthy lifestyle by choosing healthy snacks!

Grab a bag of Yogurt Almond that is crunchy, high-quality nuts are given a sweet-tangy twist that will remind you of your favourite probiotic drink. Additionally, you can experience both Spicy Chicken Almond, a wonderful spicy taste with crunchy almonds or Lotte Tteok-Bokki Flavor Almond, Korean Spicy taste seasoned with Tteokbokki, one of the popular Korean food. If you love honey, you can try Lotte Honey Lemon Almond, roasted with honey and lemon which is good for health or Honey Butter Almond which is not too sweet, wonderfully balanced, and perfectly seasoned. You should also try Lotte Cookie & Cream Almond, a new flavour and it’s really delicious. You won’t regret shopping for the Lotte products at affordable prices in OURSHOP!

Nature’s Heart is a great snack post-workout that brings together the undeniable flavour and the mouthwatering texture put together into one packet. There are a variety of nuts such as Roasted Cashew (Salted), Almond (Salted), and Roasted Mixed Nuts (Cashew, Nuts, Macadamia) which are great for healthy snacks. Apart from that, there are also Dried Cranberry and Dried Apricot. Nature’s Heart dried apricots would be perfect for you as they are trans fat-free with no added sugar, so feel free to snack as many as you want! Grab it now in OURSHOP.

Good news for all durian lovers! OURSHOP has Durian Potato Chips with aroma durian powder that carefully selected and quality large potato chips. It is a perfect match as Durian has a strong taste and the egg rolls are very fragrant. So we have Durian Egg Rolls special just for you! Not forgotten, Musang King which flesh is dry, its skin is wrinkled, its taste is sweet and bitter, or it has a scent of wine. It is the best of durian. Durian Freeze-Dried has preserved its original flavour, you will taste just like eating fresh Durian. So, let’s try all it out now before it's out of stock!

Do you love seaweed? If yes, don’t miss the opportunity to get the popular seaweed snack made from Thailand, Big Sheet Original 3.2g x 12pcs that is available in a box of 12 Big sheets. Also, you can get Big Bang Original 6g x 9EA the grilled seaweed fix! Light, crispy and simply irresistible, for sure you will enjoy this all-time favourite any time of day. Seaweeds are low in calories and fat, which can help control your appetite and can be an option as your healthy snacks. Let’s shop for the seaweed snacks from OURSHOP now!