Advantages and Benefits of using Neural SEO Network

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Neural SEO Network offers

Neural SEO network offers solutions to bring traffic to your website from searches without you having to worry about it. Our solution offers to divert more traffic to products with high sales value on your website thereby increasing the profits and net earnings from your website. Linking solution effectively connects all the pages of your products relating them to your website without leaving any orphan pages. Sometimes these orphan pages might be the ones that contain highly searched for products, and if these are not linked to adjacent pages they will result in losses in the long run.

Advantages and Benefits of Neural SEO Network

Neural SEO network’s patented linking algorithm analyses and arranges the unstructured pages to be structured. The linking algorithm analyses the content and lets the search engine know about the page. This linking solution takes out the need for a special development team to work on creating the links and managing them thereby cutting down the recruitment of 5 to 6 people. The internal links offered by Neural SEO network, do not require any additional support nor extra effort from the development team as they are “plug and play”, making them time and cost effective.

For any page on the internet, to be able to be displayed under the search engine’s results page (SERP), the page needs to have an index and ranking within the search engine. Once the pages related to your product/website reach a search stage, optimization of the index needs to be performed for the page to be able to stay on top of the search results. The linking algorithm offers to improve indexation to a great extent on the pages to your website.

Oftentimes there are products listed on a website that are suitable to only particular time/season of a year like holiday deals. Although the value of this seasonal content is not much during normal times, it does bring in profits during the intended season/time. The decision of choosing when to boost the seasonal content drives the business. For example, boosting the products related to vacations, trips, holidays deals during June-July months in a year gets customers to look into a website more. Similarly a lot of undervalued content which only has seasonal value needs to be prioritized properly for the website to make use of it. The neural SEO network’s linking algorithm analyses these patterns and helps in prioritizing the rankings of pages with relevant content.

The patented linking algorithm generated an internal link which is given out as a widget. This internal link is played at the bottom of the page just above the footer and is visible to users as well as the search engine. There is no penalization for using internal links on google search engine. So our linking solution is perfectly safe and secure to be used directly on any webpage.

The Neural SEO network’s patented linking algorithm is always kept up to date in correspondence with the updates and algorithms of search engines like google,yahoo,bing etc.,. The linking algorithm collects a multitude of data from your website and also collects data from competitors' sites to analyse before putting forth the solutions.

Linking algorithm also boosts the newly added pages by creating links to those pages. Enormous amount of analysis is performed internally by the linking algorithm in studying the keywords on the webpage and comparing them with the millions of keywords on the search engine thereby producing the end result of semantic link mapping.

Neural SEO network offers a global solution which goes past the barriers of language and market. The linking solution works on analytics, business intelligence, market data, keyword analysis, competitor’s site data to get a holistic view to drive the business.

Keywords on a page boost the ranking of the page within a search engine. The patented liking algorithm of neural SEO network targets long tailed keywords as well. For example, “How to cook noodles” on search engine’s results page fetches the appropriate results like the ones which search for just “cook noodles”.

Conversion rate is typically a good indicator of how well a website is performing in case of ecommerce websites. The linking algorithm helps in boosting the conversion rate and also helps in ranking the page for a broader variety of terms which increases a page’s ranking in the search engine’s ranking directory. Also, the link equity to sent to the search engine from the findings of the linking algorithm.

Generally most websites use a top down approach for linking the pages which results in not every single page having links to adjacent pages within the tree structure. Search engine’s bot looks through the linking of the pages in figuring out the index and ranking. Using a top down approach to link pages creates a blindspot for the search engine to not know about the well performing pages that are of actual value to the website.

Neural SEO network’s linking algorithm analyses every page and prioritizes it based on business value which gives an option to which content/page to boost leading to cutting down on marketing costs. Also as every page is analysed by the linking algorithm, this removes the blindspot caused by the top down approach used for linking pages.