Ourshop - Buy Dutyfree Products in Flight

What is OURSHOP?

OURSHOP is an e-commerce platform owned exclusively by the AirAsia Group to spur the growth of local products by developing traditional small and medium businesses to be e-commerce ready. It is growing rapidly in Malaysia’s e-commerce scene and works alongside many traditional small and medium local businesses to provide customers with a wide array of product categories to choose from such as beauty, home & lifestyle, fashion, health & wellness, daily essentials, food & beverages and even virtual lessons!

Besides the various products available, OURSHOP also strives to provide customers with an easy, secure and convenient online shopping experience by ensuring only the best deals are available on its platform and offering customers multiple transactional methods to pay for their purchased items online. To top it all off, customers can also save money by earning AirAsia BIG Points with every successful purchase made and using these points to pay for their shopping.

How is OURSHOP Pioneering the E-Commerce Scene?

A rapidly growing e-commerce platform in Malaysia, OURSHOP is transforming the way e-commerce works in the country by prioritizing and paving the way for small and medium-sized traditional local businesses to transition from the old brick-and-mortar model into an online business juggernaut. With so many barriers to entry into the e-commerce landscape such as lack of technical knowledge, logistics and business capital, it is no surprise that traditional businesses are finding it hard to develop their digital presence and sell their products online.

This issue became even more prevalent during the recent Movement Control Order (MCO) that was enforced by Malaysia to minimize the outbreak of the Coronavirus. With no brick-and-mortar shops allowed to open, businesses with no online presence were making huge losses every month as rental, staff and additional costs piled up while profit remained non-existent.

One of OURSHOP’s main objectives is to spur the growth of local products by developing traditional small and medium businesses to be e-commerce ready. Therefore, when the MCO situation arose, it was only natural that OURSHOP provided a helping hand to traditional local businesses that were struggling. OURSHOP pioneered and introduced the first S.O.S (Save Our Shops) online campaign that was geared towards helping as many affected local businesses as possible by opening up its ecosystem and making its resources available, starting with local businesses in Peninsular Malaysia.

The S.O.S online campaign essentially enabled merchants to market their products on the OURSHOP website, leverage on airasia.com’s significant traffic (OURSHOP was also promoted on the airasia.com website) and utilize OURSHOP’s e-commerce expertise & logistics infrastructure. All of these resources were offered to merchants at zero commission and zero listing fee for the entire month of April, with the only cost being the 2% banking transaction charges per sale made to ensure that at least some — if not all — of the local businesses could get back on their feet.

Aside from breaking down the barriers to entry into the e-commerce scene in Malaysia so that local products and businesses can grow, develop and thrive online, OURSHOP also continuously strives to provide customers with the best products and online shopping experience possible. OURSHOP ensures customers get only the best deals when shopping on its platform and prioritizes convenience by offering customers multiple secure payment methods to pay for their products online. One of the unique methods of payment is via AirAsia’s special BIG Points that can also be earned with every successful purchase made on the website. Upon the purchasing of a product from OURSHOP, all the customer has to do is sit back, relax and wait for the product to arrive at their very own doorstep via OURSHOP’s efficient home delivery service.

In the future, OURSHOP aims to further improve its current system as well as further expand its reach beyond Malaysia so that it can help traditional businesses in different countries penetrate the online landscape, while also providing customers with an easy, convenient and secure way of shopping online.

The Growth and Transformation of OURSHOP

Established in 2018, OURSHOP started off as an e-commerce arm of the AirAsia Group that served as a marketplace in the travel retail space across some of the fastest developing countries. The main focus of OURSHOP at the beginning was to offer customers a new, easy and convenient way to do duty-free shopping at airports. Hence the tagline “Shop before you fly”.

The OURSHOP process at the beginning was efficient and straightforward. Customers who were planning to take a flight at a specific airport could browse the wide variety of duty-free products offered on the OURSHOP website. Once a purchase was made, customers had the option of either picking up the items upon arrival or before departure from one of the merchant shops in the airport or collecting the items onboard an AirAsia flight from the comfort of their seat.

With this unique process in place, it was a win-win situation for all parties involved. Customers who had a flight scheduled at an airport could take their time to shop online for duty-free products beforehand and collect the purchased products with no hassle. Merchant shops, in turn, had more online exposure which gave them an alternative way of generating steady income aside from the usual reliance on foot traffic at the airport.

Over time, as OURSHOP began to grow, so did the overall goal and process of the brand. The duty-free shopping system previously implemented by the brand is now a separate product on its own as OURSHOP evolved and branched off to become a rapidly growing e-commerce marketplace in Malaysia under the AirAsia Group. Currently, OURSHOP’s objective is to spur the growth of local products by developing traditional small and medium businesses to be e-commerce ready.

With this new transformation, the products on the OURSHOP website expanded into a wider range of product categories which were previously unavailable. At the present moment, the website offers products in diverse categories such as food & beverages, beauty, daily essentials, health & wellness, fashion and even virtual lessons, with many of these products originating from local businesses.

The process for the present OURSHOP website is user-friendly and fairly simple. Customers can browse the wide array of products offered on the website and upon purchase, have the items delivered directly to their very own doorstep. If that wasn’t good enough, customers can also earn AirAsia’s special BIG Points with every successful purchase made and use these points to pay for their OURSHOP online shopping. To further streamline the whole process, OURSHOP offers customers multiple secure payment options and extensive customer service in the event an issue relating to the purchased products occurs.

In the foreseeable future, OURSHOP will continue to support and work alongside traditional local businesses to expand the range of products offered on the website. Once OURSHOP becomes more established, the brand may have plans to potentially grow its reach to other countries. From there, OURSHOP will be able to collaborate with more traditional local businesses in the respective countries and help them be e-commerce ready, while also providing customers with the best products and online shopping experience whenever possible.