Machine Learning and its examples

Machine Learning and its examples

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence have become omnipresent in our lives so much so, that we even sometimes forget to notice their presence in our normal day to day lives. Machine learning is one of the most popular components of Artificial Intelligence which is used in computer systems, software and various other devices. These are a few examples of machine learning that we use every day and perhaps, have no idea that they are driven by machine learning:

Social Media Services

Social media services use machine learning for both for their own and user benefits. Social media has become an integral part of our lives. From personalization of feed to ad targeting to connecting with different people around the world, the application of machine learning has been responsible for these features. The ‘people you may know’ feature of Facebook which works on processing historical data to provide better connectivity is a product of machine learning. Similarly, various social media platforms use facial recognition to suggest tagged people in pictures uploaded by users to give them better experience. The use of Computer Vision by Pinterest to collect and exact data and information through videos and images are also an example of the application of machine learning.

Search Engine Result Refining

Various search engines like Google use machine learning to collect historical data to store and memorise information for better results. To make it more user-friendly and easy, search engines use machine learning algorithms at the back end to keep a track of users’ search history and aptly gives them suggestions when they search for similar content. It plays a major role in improving users’ experience.

Product Recommendations

The various advertisements and product recommendations that users get are all a result of machine learning. Based on the shopping history and record of a user, products are recommended to him accordingly. Preference, personal tastes and likings of a user is taken into account to refine and improve the online shopping experience.

It’s safe to say that machine learning today, has refined and improved our daily lives in so many ways that we don’t even notice its presence. It has only made our online experience effortless and continues to do so.