Linkedin dropped out of Google Search.

Linkedin Dropped out of Google Search

Linkedin is one of the popular websites with more than 690 million active users. On wednesday early morning(6th May 2020) the www version of linkedin stopped appearing in google search results(SERP). Google stopped showing any of www.linkedin pages in search. On an average there are millions of searches performed every month about linkedin in google search. Millions of linkedin results appear in google as they have solid indexing and organic coverage.Linkedin google has a wide range of public relations and press release coverage.

Linkedin has millions of indexed webpages on www root, and all of a sudden stopped from appearing in google.It seemed to be an issue from linkedin end. There is no publicly annoucement of the exact cause of issue from Linkedin, although several hypothesis posted by seo's in community discussions.

After few hours John Muller tweeted that using removal feature in search console rule has the following implication. Submittign http version of a webpage will automatically remove all the other versions of the same page like http/ https/ www/ non-www . The removal feature in search console also has the option to remove specific URL or the URL with the submitted request as prefix.

After 10 hours of struggle, the results seem to be back. www version of linkedin pages started to appear. Search console is a very strong tool with so much control on blocking pages or directories via it. Removal feature should be used with more care on testing before implementing or submitting.

It is so natural that when people try to search for other profiles or companies in google, that linkedin pages and profiles shows up. The linkedin's seo so strong that it outperforms many of its competitors. Million of profile pages ae indexed, millions of company pages are indexed. hundreds of millions of postings, articles were indexed. Any minor mistake in removal feature of search console might lead to a huge impact on its business.

How important is Linkedin Search results to appear in google for Linkedin ? Well, as linkedin is an digital entity where most traffic to site is nonbranded and direct traffic, it is very much important that the resutls show up. Mobile app is one of the largest traffic aquisition channel for linkedin too.

Back to normal now seems all the fixs are idenfied and solved as we can see linkedin search results are working as expected. These scenarios can be taken into account as a case study and point to remember before using search console removal feature.