What is Link Building and its importance to Search Engine Rankings ?

Link Building

One of the important goals for any website that relies heavily on online trading or whose popularity is affected by online views, places utmost care on where they show up on the search engine results page(SERP). The higher a website shows up on the search results page, the more are its chances to attract the viewers further driving their business. The ranking of the website within the search engine is what pushes it to the top of the results page. Links your website has externally and internally affects its ranking in the search engine. Typically, the more links your website has from credible sources, the higher is its ranking.

Link is simply a pointer between different websites or different pages within a website. An external link is a HTTP hyperlink that points between websites. For a website, the more references/links it has to its products the more popular it is and this helps with establishing the brand name too. To get more links to point to your website some of the straightforward marketing strategies like blogs, user reviews,suggestions from other websites,social media profiles etc., work like a charm.

Internal links connect pages within the same domain. A ton of effective internal linking on a website also signals the search engine that the website is important and which will lead to the search engine paying extra attention to it to walk through the website. Search engines look at the website to understand the user intent and also content of the website to evaluate the website’s trustworthiness.

A website’s content is the main force that drives the users. The design of the website should be able to answer what your website is looking to show the world and what is your purpose in building the website? User intent and also a search engine’s point of view should both be treated with equal importance. All these considerations will play a major part in specifying the objectives of the website in a more clear way and also better help in the structural architectural design of the website.

From a search engine’s view of things, not all the links are the same. A weight is attached to each link based on the website it is linked to. For example a link that is pointing to a popular website has more weight than a newly found website. Also being linked with a popular website will also improve the credibility and trustworthiness of your own website.