How to Start a Startup company in India ?

Starting a Startup Company in India

Starting a Startup company is smooth in india and we have thousands of startups now turned into MNC. Startups usually starts with startup ideas which solves real world problems with a inital fund and later with Series A fund to boom into major market with exponential growth of marketing and branding.

Startups in India are mostly into Technology, Cloud, Service based, Delhi and Bengaluru in India are called sillicon valley of India.

Registering a Startup in india are of several kinds. Some they register as sole proprietorship, some they register as mutual partnership, some they register as sister or child company of big organisation.

Step one is to decide a proper name for start company that fits or resembles the nature of business.

Step two comes with GST registration of company. you will receive a GST number and each company will have a unique GST number.

Register Permanent Account Number, commonly called as PAN Number for the company. So ensure to create a company bank account after receiving GST Number.

Have a document agreenment for office space as proof for physical office location address. Ignore if your's is completely online business.

As a Private Entity you to register as Pvt Ltd, which is known as private limited, as your startup will be listed in limited number of india companies.

Startup india loan is one thing most startups look for in the initial stage to scale up teams and office accessories. Several nationalised banks out there supporting multiple startups in india.

Startups conducts startup events to improve branding and publicity to strength the growth and visibility.

Make sure GST filling is done every month after you registered your startup company. Ask your Auditor or Tax consulting firm to monitor and submit bills within timeframe.

For any further more information about startup registration, feel free to contact us, we are happy to guide and help you setting up your dream startup.