Search console API to stop supporting HTTP and JSON RPC requests.

Search console API to stop supporting HTTP & JSON RPC requests

In 2018, Google notified developers that it would stop supporting http and json rpc requests soon. Google today in its webmasters twitter account announced that it will fully ready to stop supporting HTTP and JSON RPC requests.

Google adviced that if any members are still using them, In no time they are going to stop supporting these APIs. Search console supports plenty of supported API requests. Bot crawlability and website accessibility can be tested and viewed for errors and warnings in search console.

Google clearly highlighted this on their announcement, that no longer the APIs will be supported. But still there is room to check "View your improvements". Google provides and supports thousands of APIs, in which search console APIs are one of the prominent ones. Google posted update on stopping its supoort to HTTP & JSON RPC requests.

Search console is a very popular and improtant tool every SEO is aware and pays attention to notifications on errors, and warnings. With latest updates and more detailed feature report on search console, helping SEOs an effective way to list and fix the reported issues to improve their organic presence.