All information about Google AI

Google AI

Google is a mixed tool of Artificial intelligence and data sets for users, launched by Google in the year 2017. The aim behind this model is to provide people around the globe dealing with data sciences, database and allied fields an ease to figure out the best possible set of data for their work from the huge collection present on web. The end users have an opportunity to find and explore new methods, ideas and frameworks with the aid of reinforcement algorithms learning provided by Google plays a vital role in the development of TPU (Tensor Processing Unit) clouding for machine learning frameworks and software. Google AI helps in organising and arranging all the information, data and stats present over the web, so as to ensure maximum accessibility. AI is being utilised to modernize the tools and methods involved so that it can be applied for the development of models and solve user’s query much faster in an enhanced manner.

Online searching, streaming, online interaction and learning facilities by the introduction of Google AI has provided alternate approach to things that humans were doing in real life. By coming of predictive analytics and automatizing features like voice recognition by Google assistant, Gmail effectiveness like smart composer and spam control, language translation, weather prediction, etc. are few a revolutionary applications of Google AI. It also provides an alternate approach to different situations and circumstances encountered.

Google AI has a vision “AI for social good”, under which a team of experts work for curing problems faced by humans and solving environmental concerns. It also involves construction of ecosystem for addressing problems encountered by society. Google AI incorporates core research and engineering practices in collaboration with experts from respective fields to solve the AI impact challenges faced. This is what lays foundation to its working.

A whopping amount from grant of $25 million collection is being credited to those countries which lay a helping hand into this initiative by Google, along with cloud facility for consultancy purpose is provided.

Google AI helps in developing warning systems for natural disasters, it accurately predict the cause of the disaster like flood with the help of environmental conditions around, geographical and topographical situations.

Google has led to development of an equipment with the help of which Cardiac status like heart attack, its risk and danger associated to the affected person can be predicted by analyzing the retinal imaging process.

Google AI supports a series of models products and frameworks which are being worked upon like Google assistant for voice recognition, Google AutoML model for recognition of images, DeepMind to construct AI technology and deep learning models, Tensorflow to control all of these features (Deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence), its an open source and freely available model.

Google AI has introduced an algorithm with its help, important and critical data can be figured out from a big set or bunch of digital records of patient. This feature has brought accuracy in deciding future aspects like number of days patient will need to be in hospital, number of days patient will be critical, etc. It also predicts about the number of hospitals available around and number of empty beds present. The diagnosis work for doctors is made now much more easier and effective. Google AI can be used for predicting ailments of disease accurately.

Google utilizes neural networking model to collect information and data set so that it can learn and analyse from these data to solve future problems it's going to face.

AI is even used for pre-training of satellites and rockets along with monitoring in space.

Surveillance on public by robots: there are places in USA and China wherein Google AI monitors on the behalf of officials and keeps an eye over the natives through the public cameras. Thus helps the governing body and head of officials to maintain peace around.

Major challenge faced by AI is: Amidst so many features and positives Google AI faces a problem of privacy and data mining. The updated model from Google don't need assistance prior to giving command, it automatically performs work without recognising whether or not the command is issued for it. Thus, increase data consumption.

Currently Google AI is working to add features in accordance with everyone's need around so that most people can use it satisfactorily. To achieve this plan constant research is being going on by researchers in huge number of fields.

Google has availability of one of the biggest database and information bank along with computational ability. Making Google AI services the largest company on globe in this domain with over 1 billion active users. According to Larry page and Sergey Brien, introduction of AI will bring revolution to company. An idle Framework needs to figure out problems to solve them from the information provided. Stretching from individual leaders to big firms and corporations, all of them utilise Google services and tools for their development, growth, creation, personal uses and what not.

The demand and strength of the AI can be estimated from the fact that Chinese President Jinping has promised to make China an AI leader with dollar 150 billion investment by 2030.