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Either coffee or tea, both are the most favourite beverages among all the people around the world. It provides a cosy morning ritual and can help boost the immune system. Besides, they are also been accepted for its advantageous properties from caffeine and antioxidants found in coffee beans and tea leaves. Both coffee and tea have benefits such as protection from liver disease and cancer, protection against cardiovascular disease, lowered risk of dementia and diabetes. Choose wisely your drinks to ensure you gain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s grab your favourite ones now in OURSHOP!

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Get the most popular one in OURSHOP, OLDTOWN White Coffee®3 in 1 Classic Instant Premix White Coffee 15x38g, a perfectly smooth blend of the original white coffee. It has a heightened lingering mouthfeel that is rich, creamy and aromatic. Apart from that, we recommend Lao Qian Premix White Coffee 12x40g and San Shu GongLao Qian Premix Milk Tea 12x40g sincerely brought to you by San Shu Gong. The aroma of the coffee and tea would make you fall in love and want to have it more. You won’t regret shopping for the popular ones at affordable prices in OURSHOP!

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Don’t miss the chance to get our bestseller tea, Tea Bag Singapore Breakfast 37.5 grams which can make you refresh and comfort with a hot cup of tea in the morning. With a light aroma in Pyramid Tea - Afternoon from Boh, this full leaf Orange Pekoe 'A' afternoon tea is carefully chosen only from select tea fields. Its delicate flavours create a tea that is soothing and calming. Additionally, you must also grab Pyramid Tea - Supreme, the fine garden tea with an exquisite yet delicate aroma is cultivated on the cool tropical slopes of Sungei Palas. It is a fine flowery Pekoe of Ceylon and Assam varieties that imparts an exquisite delicate aroma. This aroma makes it a perfect drink at any time of the day. Let’s shop for the bestseller tea from OURSHOP now!

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Are you a coffee or tea lover? So, don’t miss the opportunity to get and try a variety of brands for coffee and tea in OURSHOP that will make you interested in buying them. Explore more and purchase either coffee or tea without hesitation. No worry, you can shop online and choose to collect your item on board or pick at the airport. Let’s start shopping on OURSHOP now to find the best deals for coffee and tea!