Case Study of Organic traffic improvement on Data As Services website.

data as services organic traffic

Organic traffic report

Significantly improved organic traffic to Data as Services website, with Neural SEO Network. Snap from similar web tool is attached for reference.

Effective way of internal linking between pages helped in signaling google about business pages and their value.

Proper backlinking used as an Addon to this service to further boost websites organic performance.

data as services google analytics traffic

Google Analytics traffic report

A week report is shown for reference, as a one month old website, we achieved steady 150+ users per day via organic channel.

Bounce rate is crucial for any website, Data As Services very minimum bounce rate , making it one of the best website with high user engagement.

User Acquisition is by far great with zero marketing spends, ROI in SEO are great and acquiring more cients from search engines.

How we achieved optimal results in SEO

As an Internal linking services company we have full confidence on our algorithms and we put our website for test, which significantly proved we are the best internal linking service providers with Neural SEO Network.

Vision is to minimise the digital marketing spends and improve the revenue the Organic channels with SEO

We focused on internal linking by Neural SEO Network and backlinking with relevant resources. Backlinking is also a key factor to improve or out perform competitor in organic presence.

AI is leveraged fully to simulate and test the internal linking to analyse and evaluate the link dilution among the key pages.

Knowledge graph view helped us to understand more about the site structure, semantic linking between pages of similar categories or topics. Feel free to contact us if you are looking to try out Internal linking solution and get boost to your organic revenue and rankings.