Python is the best programming language for Machine learning

Best Programming Language for Machine Learning

Machine learning is a part of artificial intelligence which is described as the science to getting computers to do things without being directly programmed. It emphasizes the study of computing algorithms and data into the system that allows it to make decisions without writing manual code.

There are many programming languages for machine learning. According to various studies, surveys and reports, the nature and the type of project work is the most significant factor during the selection of the language to be used.

Python is the most popular and the most widely-used language with 57% of data scientists and machine learning developers using it and 33% preferring it over other languages for developments. One of the reasons why Python is the most preferred among its users is the release of various libraries such as Keras, TensorFlow, scikit-learn, Teano and Numpy that are available for machine learning, artificial intelligence, NLP, etc. Its popularity and favourability among its users are also subject to its syntax and system structure which is easy to latch on to and comprehend that makes it convenient for beginners as the algorithms can be easily learnt and implement. It also gives direct access to its users for predictive analytics.

Being a multi-paradigm programming language, Python allows its users to select from more than one programming paradigm depending on the nature and the style of the project work being done. It supports Object-oriented programming and structured programming and many of its features support functional as well as aspect-oriented programming. Its use of dynamic typing and meddling and combination of reference counting along with a cycle-detecting garbage collector for memory management allows for systemic documentation.

Python was designed to be highly extensible and this compact modularity allowed it to add programmable interfaces to existing applications, which has further made it more popular among users, learners and developers.

Python is a successor to ABC language with the shortcomings of the latter being an underlying reason for the features of python being as utilitarian, serviceable, convenient and simple as they are. A simple and a user-friendly syntax meddled with useful, constructive and accommodative features make Python one of them, if not the best, programming languages for machine learning.