Discover audio system excellence with OURSHOP

Grab Your audio system excellence with OURSHOP

In this day and age, technology is considered something private and personal. From mobile phones to music, most people like to keep a sense of privacy and uniqueness. One will surround herself with rich, subtlety sound, privately. Whether reggae, classical music, pop music or want to rock out or hear your favorite movies in crystal-clear detail, enjoy it with this audio technology piece. Browse through OURSHOP website to find out all the audio system suit your needs. From Bluetooth speakers to wireless headphones, we have it all here.

Bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth speaker is a wireless device that connects your smartphones, tablets and other devices, which helps in amplifying the quality and volume of sound. A very user-friendly and easy-to-carry device that is very useful for music lovers. It comes in attractive designs with different sizes, types, and colors. A Bluetooth speaker comes with different ranges, capacity and can support many types of audio/video file formats.


If you're looking for a sturdy, a take-anywhere speaker for the beach, waterproof or an around-the-house sound system, JBL By HarmanGO 2 is the one suitable for you. While Tronsmart Element T6 Bluetooth Speaker is for someone who values sound quality. With its DSP technology, it brings pure sound like the original music and Superior 360° surround sound quality. Definitely will be the number one choice for an audiophile.

Personalized Listening Experience with Headsets

For Millenials, headphones or earphones are right up there on the list of essential gadgets, along with smartphones and other mobile techs. It is even provided by smartphone companies when customers purchase phones. There is various type of headphones and earphones in the market. From earbuds, in-ear type to Bluetooth headphones, you can find it here on the OURSHOP website./p>

Wireless Earbuds

It is small, round speaker-like devices that rest on the outer ears. It is a compact, generally stylish, and sophisticated design. Sudio Tolv is one of the best earbuds, with its wireless design, sophisticated charging case, and microphones on both sides, Tolv is the perfect earbuds for anyone who loves adventure.

Wireless In-Ear headphones

Also known as canal buds, this type of headphone recently shown a rise in popularity because of their mini size and superior sound quality. In-Ear headphones have slim tips, usually made out of rubber, to be inserted deeper into the ears, ending just outside the ear canal. It is designed for comfort and mild noise cancellation. JBL By Harman - Free X Wireless In-Ear Headphone is certainly one of the favorites. It’s a wireless in-ear headphone that will be your flexible companion for calls, music and an active lifestyle. Bitmore Vybe - Vybe In-Ear Headphones is another in-ear headphone available on the OURSHOP website. With its built-in Mic for a hands-free conversation and magnetic earpiece making it easy to bring. The solid built metallic design provides clear, vibrant and well balanced all-round sound quality.

Full-size on-ear headphones

These are the large headphones that completely cover the ears and supported by a large band over the head. It is padded by a thick round foam that cups over the ear, blocking out or canceling out all external sounds. Some of it is specially designed to have an absolute noise-canceling feature for optimal listening.

Bluetooth headphones / Wireless headphones

These are headphones that can wirelessly pair with a music player or smartphone or computer. Most people prefer wireless or Bluetooth earphones due to its portability and suitable for active work and lifestyle. Marshall Major III Bluetooth Black is perfect for the audiophile that values music quality while being active throughout the day.